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Virtual Team Game

Social gaming for teams!

Virtual Games to play
with your

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Looking for a way to connect with your friends or colleagues remotely?

We create fun and engaging games that can be played right in the browser, from anywhere in the world. Simply purchase an access code, create as many 4-players rooms as you like, and you're ready to start the game!

What to expect from Virtual Team Games:

  • play whenever and as much as you like - buying a session allows you to start the game whenever you choose and play it an unlimited number of times 

  • the ideal game length - most teams take around 30-40 minutes to finish the game

  • play in teams - in groups of 4, from 8 to 40 total players per session

  • suitable for everyone - easy to moderate difficulty

  • works in any occasion - team-building events, virtual get-togethers, celebrations, or any other time!



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