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Virtual Team Game

Team building for fun!


What is Virtual Team Game?

Virtual Team Game is an online platform where you can play online games in a social setting. Once logged in, you and other 3 teammates will be connected via videoconference while playing an adventure game. We offer team experiences that bring people together in a relaxed and engaging environment. Here it's all about communication and working together as a team! 

How does the game work?

After your purchase, you will be sent a password to open a game session. In a game session, you can create as many rooms as you like.

Every team of 4 players constitutes a room. Scores are based on the time used to complete the game so we recommend creating all the rooms before allowing the other players in, and starting all together at the same time. 

What are the requirements to play?

Our games work in the browser, so if you have access to the internet, there is nothing to install on your side. The videoconference is integrated via zoom and at the start of the game, you will choose whether to activate voice or audio communication, or both.

In other words, once you purchase access, you will be ready to play!

Can I book an Info session?

If you're a business looking to organise online events for your team, we're happy to schedule a short chat to understand more about your team's needs and preferences and find out together which game options and which settings will work best for you!

More questions?

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