What is a self-facilitated game?

When you buy a self-facilitated game you will be able to reserve a unique playing session. The game will be set-up with a personal link and customized with your company logo on request. The game host will receive instructions on how to play, and suggestions for presenting, timing, and scoring.

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Can I book an Info session?

We're happy to schedule a short chat to understand more about your team's needs and preferences and find out together which games and which settings will work best for you!

What is a facilitated game?

In a facilitated game, a host will be joining your virtual team game as a facilitator. The game starts with a virtual ice breaker, and game rules explanations, then we pass to a quick game set-up and finally play!

What is Virtual Team Game?

Virtual Team Game is an online platform created for teams who work remotely in a temporary or permanent fashion. We offer team experiences that bring people together in a relaxed and engaging environment, with the added benefit of effectively improving communication, trust, and transparency in your team!