Online Team Building Games

The Cooperator 

In this game, each member of the team will be shown a different clue and will have to communicate to find a common password. This game is based on cooperation speed as everyone is an important piece of the puzzle!

Launch price:

Self-facilitated 49$ per session

Facilitated 149$ per team (4 players)

Social network connection between men an

The Challenger

This is a challenging but rewarding game for teams of expert puzzle lovers. It will test your team's capability to work as a group and confront difficult challenges! Will they make it, or will they give up? 

Starting at 49$ 


Logic challenges include puzzles, riddles, cryptograms completely new and ideated by us. Your team won't be able to google the answers! 

Quick actions

Alternate intricate puzzles with requests for quick actions like posting a word or an image on the communication channel.

Lateral thinking

This screens will test the players capability to think outside the box until the AHA! moment when they'll see the solution was just in front of them

Team tasks

Get everyone in the team to collaborate to ideate, develop and present team ideas. The most creative wins!