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Born Virtual.

Cooperation games for distributed teams 

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Looking for a way to engage your remote team in an activity together?

We create fun logic challenges and games for companies that can be played right in the browser, from anywhere in the world. Whether you choose to host the game yourself or with one of our hosts, you'll need less than 10 minutes to set-up and start the game! 

Quick info

- playing time: 45-65 minutes

- recommended number of players: 8-40 per session

- difficulty level: easy to moderate, suitable for everyone

- when to play: team-building virtual meetings, aperos, celebrations or any other time! 


Logic challenges include puzzles, riddles, cryptograms completely new and ideated by us. Your team won't be able to google the answers! 

Quick actions

Alternate intricate puzzles with requests for quick actions like posting a word or an image on the communication channel.

Lateral thinking

This screens will test the players capability to think outside the box until the AHA! moment when they'll see the solution was just in front of them

Team tasks

Get everyone in the team to collaborate to ideate, develop and present team ideas. The most creative wins!