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5 TIPS to survive working remotely (and lockdown)

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

We are all so very tired of the never-ending lockdown of course, but what if we could take some small actions, to improve our everyday challenges? Try the next 5 tips to enjoy home office more!

1. Schedule your time: even though there is lots to do at work, it is not

productive to be online constantly. Try keeping a routine like having your morning coffee or

some exercise and put those in your calendar. Ideally, have your lunch roughly at the

same time every day and take another short break in the afternoon to catch some sun

or rest your eyes a little - if you feel like it, add a short mindfulness practice like

2. Learn something new: there is a ton of free online courses and this would be a great

moment to spend some time learning something new with the time you save from the

commute. So why not learn something about nutrition, communication, politics, gardening, or anything that interests you. Have no idea what/where to look for?

Post a question in a discussion channel and see if anyone has any tips. *Bonus tip: sharing what you learn with your team would make for a more effective commitment

and an engaging topic for discussion.

3. Co-working: the principle of working in pairs or groups is that it makes us feel

accountable, facilitating focus and commitment to the tasks. Even though we cannot

physically work together, you can video call one of your teammates to “co-work”. To

do so, an easy method is the 25-5 rule (Pomodoro technique). Work focused for 25

minutes straight, followed each time by a 5 minutes break. If you’d like to try to work

with someone else, you can look at

4. Keep communication lines open: share your renewed excitement for grocery

shopping or your frustration for your favorite bar closing with the rest of the team. We’re all in this together and share similar experiences. The same outside of work, scheduling video calls with your family or friends who are also at home will make everyone happier :)

5. Treat yourself well: self-care is always very important, but when we spend several

hours and days (or months!) inside and without distractions it becomes vital. Whether you live alone, with your partner or family, you can take care of yourself and your loved ones in different

ways, for example, cooking a multiple course meal or baking a cake, doing some

online shopping with the money you saved from restaurant dining, getting a bubble

bath or sleeping in a bit longer.

Did you try these tips? Or you maybe discovered other ways to enjoy lockdown? Comment and share your opinion to help others face the many challenges of lockdown!

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