Welcome Players! 

How to Play: 

The rules are simple. Each page contains one puzzle to solve. Solving the puzzle or task will give you the password to the next one. Some may require logic, others creativity or quick action and some may test your patience. Be prepared! 

A few things to look out for:

  • You may need access to slack so if you don't want to look available put yourself invisible now.

  • Everyone will receive a team password but only one person from each team will receive the correct password. The puzzle will tell you when to use the team password. 

  • Passwords are case sensitive, please write only in lowercase to move forward. 

  • You can ask for small or big hints: a small hint will cost you 2 points and a big one 5 points.

  • The first team to finish will win 30 points, the second 25, the third 20, and the fourth 15 points.

  • Although it pays to be the fastest team, there are other ways to earn points with hidden tasks and clues. Try to find them! 

  • The game ends when you complete the task on the page with the button "we're done!"