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The Adventure


Go on an adventure with 3 other teammates! In this game, your crew will travel across different landscapes with a backpack full of objects to help you defeat obstacles and solve challenges together. You will be assisted by a trustworthy helper and reach different camping sites along the way to rest and recharge. Compete with other teams to be featured in the all times high scores, the fastest team every quarter wins a VTG prize! 


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Browser Ready 

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Videoconference integrated





Public sessions are freely accessible on the platform. You can connect with your friends, teammates, or as a solo player to an already populated room. 

 How to play in a public room:

  • Join any of the rooms that are visible on the platform.

  • Connect to video or audio conferencing (or both).

  • Start playing with other players online. 

Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of other players at all times.

Public rooms are currently in beta testing. Check back in a few weeks to access this feature.


Private sessions give you exclusive access to creating an unlimited number of rooms. Use this if you would like to play with multiple teams in a session, without making it visible to the public. 

How to play in a private room:

  • Purchase an access code on our platform. 

  • Use the access code to create a private session.

  • Create as many rooms as you like (each room allows a team of 4 to play).

  • Complete the game to see the teams' scores and declare a winning team! 

Launch Price: CHF 59 per session


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